Young adult romance books

Young adult romance books

by Mrignayni Pandey
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young adult romance books
Young adult romance books

The day I saw you,

I went insane.

A normal phase,

Everyone says.

But my insanity was different for you.”

Tanushree Balyan

These are the first few lines of a poem that my friend Tanushree had written when she was in school.

We all love being in a fantasy world as teenagers, don’t we?

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Young adult romance books

And there is no better time to fall in love with romance books than adolescence.

You have time to read so many books.

And isn’t that the reason why young adult romance books have been hogging the limelight so much in the literature world recently?

So come on! Let’s have a look at some of the best young adult romance books and authors who are writing romance novels that we can savor.

6. Save the Date by Morgan Matson.

save the date
Young adult romance books

I can assure you that you will love reading Young adult romance books more than ever once you have finished with this epic. A contemporary young adult romance that will leave you in stitches, you can expect more than just romance and drama here! Story about Charlie Grant, who is super excited for her older sister’s marriage, the book is all about how things go completely bizarre in the wedding, with the howling dog, unexpected alarms, sulky relatives, missing tuxedo, unwelcome guests, irritating guest and above all of this the wedding planner’s cute nephew that she finds difficult to resist. Unlike other young adult romance books of our times, the story also has lessons about loss, taking risks, moving on and discovering yourself.

Over the course of three ridiculously chaotic days, Charlie will learn more than she ever expected about the family she thought she knew by heart. And she’ll realize that sometimes, trying to keep everything like it was in the past means missing out on the future !

Goodreads review, Young adult romance books

A heartwarming story, it will delight you as much as it will make you think.

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5. All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire

all the little lights
Young adult romance books

Elliott falls for Catherine as soon their eyes meet. She is captivating and beautiful but also looks grim and lonely. Her life is complicated, but so is Elliott’s; after some initial resistance she relents, and they both find solace in each other. Soon, the two seem inseparable. Just when Catherine needs Elliott the most, he has left town. And when he returns, he is a star athlete while Catherine is still doing the household work. Catherine now wants him to walk out of her life, she is also hiding some dark secrets from him. But Elliott does not give up. Like before, his persuasion manages to break the ice and just when everything seems fine, Elliott is implicated in the disappearance of a local girl. Their love has to survive when Catherine’s secrets are exposed and Elliot is fighting the catch-22 situation!

Among one of the most irresistibly sweet young adult romance books that is interspersed with elements of suspense, the book will surely ‘suck you in.’

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4. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephane Perkins

anna and the french kiss
Young adult romance books

Anna Oliphant is looking forward to her senior year in America. She has everything a teenager could aspire for -a trusthworthy friend, a job and a charming boyfriend. But everything turns upside down when her parents send her to Europe for higher studies. Homesick and lonely in a new place, she meets the debonair Étienne St. Clair. He helps her learn French, makes her feel comfortable in the strange place and they are partnered for the lab experiments. The only time when Anna is not thinking about her two friends and America is when she is with Etienne. Etienne has everything she would have wanted in any boy but that also includes a serious girlfriend. On top of it when she returns home for the vacations, she finds her best friend and boyfriend dating. She now thinks about Etienne all the time. The City of Lights has to bring them together and end-with their long-awaited French kiss.

Sly, funny and romantic, you should definitely, as the New York Times put it, “date this book”.

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3. Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

Young adult romance books

Bisexual Tanner Scott has gone into recluse after their family relocated from California to Utah. And thankfully, there is only one more year at school. The plan to return to Utah is very clear in his mind but when his best friend, Autumn, insists that he take Provo High’s esteemed seminar to draft a book in a semester, Tanner is tempted to take it to show how foolish the whole idea is. Four months is an eternity to right one book!

Over the course of the story , it appears that Tanner was right. But not entirely. Four months is an eternity not to write a book but to fall in love completely with Mormon prodigy Sebastian Brother who sold his own novel and mentors the class.

Among the collection of rare rainbow young adult romance books, the story is surely a pot-boiling page-turner!

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2.The way you make me feel by Maurene Goo

the way you make me feel and young adult romance books
Young adult romance books

Clara Shin, a disrupting prankster, is forced to take up a summer job with her father’s food truck along with her long time enemy Rose, as punishment for a joke that went too far. Rose and Clara are completely opposite to each other. While Rose is a perfectionist who always seems to be worrying about her life and future, Clara is a fun-loving and rebellious girl.

The summer job is set to change her life as she feels herself falling for Hamlet Wong, who works for the neighbor food truck. And working with the unfriendly Rose alongside with her, who had never had a boyfriend, makes the experience quite surreal. Little does she know, that Rose and her love will change her life and teach her the upside of taking risks and letting people close!

A riveting read with snappy dialogues and endearing characters, this is a must-read of all young adult romance books!

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1.Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Amy and roger's epic young adult romance books

Amy is griefstricken by her father’s untimely demise but her Mom has decided to begin afresh in Connecticut and move on. Amy is tasked with getting the car from California but she has not taken the wheels after her father’s death. Young Roger has agreed to accompany her on his mother’s insistence. Amy is extremely displeased to be driving with a stranger but as they get lost in the cross-country adventure, Amy realizes that people you least expect are the ones you sometimes need the most!

She confronts the idea that she cannot run from her past and an embroyning liking for Roger teaches her to open up her heart and love without being afraid.

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Enjoyed the blog? Have something to ask? Did I miss some of your favorite young adult romance books ? Feel free to comment in the comment section below! I would love to hear from you.

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