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by Mrignayni Pandey
content writing jobs

Do you know your form of writing? Did someone tell you that full time freelance writing can get you over 95,000 a month? Do you know how to create an awesome profile that can land you high-paying content writing jobs? Are you aware of the stats when it comes to making money from content writing jobs?

Okay, let’s apply breaks to our train of questions and get to answering each of these and much more:)

What is content writing?

Looking for content writing jobs?
Talking about content writing jobs

A form of online writing, content writing, is closely linked to web marketing where you write engaging content for the web in the form of articles, blog posts and other written web material! There is always a huge demand for well-researched and well written web content that can gain attention and traffic! If you think you have a good grasp of grammar, an engaging writing style and are interested in researching diverse topics and writing about them, then content writing jobs are made for you!

But you are here because you know you can produce content. Which means you are a writer and can write. And now you are looking for content writing jobs for yourself. Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s just get ourselves some freelance content writing jobs and start making money!

No, not so fast!

Freelance writing and freelance content writing jobs

Freelance content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

Freelance writer is any writer who works on a self-employed basis. They chose the work they want to do and are hired by clients for the same. A freelance writer usually works for more than one client at a time and are paid per assignment or batch of assignments that they do. Depending on their expertise and the jobs you get hired for, freelance content writing jobs can pay you anything between Rs.3000 to 85,000 a month!

Why chose freelance content writing jobs over any other forms of content writing?

Freelance content writing allows you pick up the content writing jobs that you want to do at your convenience and time. There is no rushing and panicking to the office and afflicting yourself with the wrath of your irritating horse-faced boss. You can relax, be your own boss, work when you feel like and earn as much as you want!

Sounds good till here.

Now what? How do I get to become a six or seven figure earning content writer?

Slow. First let’s see what are the kinds of content writing jobs that you can do!

Figure out your writing niche!

Forms of content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

To an untrained and unaware writer, all forms of writing might appear to be the same! But if you want content writing jobs that can pay you handsomely, you have to first be aware of the the opportunities and then pick up the one that suits you the best!

hiring for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

So let’s find out the different forms of content writing jobs, what each form demands and the kind of projects that each form can get you.

1.Ghostwriting– Ghost writers are people who write content that gets officially credited to other another person as the author. You can earn generously being a ghostwriter but you will never be able to see your name at the end of a write-up. Sad. Isn’t it?

A ghost writer has to first understand the kind of content s/he is writing and then yield it, keeping in the mind the person who will be named the author of the same. If you are writing on behalf of the CEO of a company, then you have to know the kind of professionalism s/he would keep to her audience, if a ghost writer is finishing a half-written novel then s/he must be well aware of the direction the client wants to give the the story and so on.

ghostwriting for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

2. Copywriting– Content writing that is done to advertise and increase brand awareness is called copywriting. The written product is called the copy and is used to persuade people or a group of people to take a particular action. Copywriters are always a first choice to create short, highly effective awareness level content.

Content writing jobs for a copywriter are never short in the market as there are zillions of brands out there who are looking for writers who can write promotional content for them.

copywriting for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

3. SEO-writing-Content-writing for online marketing and search engine optimization is a necessity in the digital world that we are currently living. Especially for developing countries like India, where the digital revolution has just started to take momentum, SEO-writers are highly in-demand and SEO- content writing jobs will pay huge dividends in the coming 10 years from now.

If you believe that you have the ability to deliver unique, lucid, easy-to-read and engaging write-ups, then SEO-writing can prove to be a highly lucrative option for you. Don’t panic if you have no clue of what I am talking about. Learning the basics of SEO is not at your wits end. There are a number of articles and you-tube videos that can help you do that. And once achieved, you are off to pitch yourself for some big cash in return.

SEO writing for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

4. Feature writing– This is a journalistic form of writing that is used for writing columns in print and digital space, poems, feature stories or anything intended to educate and entertain the readers through creative writing. The style of writing is narrative and is used to deliver information on a newsworthy event to an intended audience. Creative writers can get the best content writing jobs through feature writing. And the good thing is, you don’t have to have a journalistic degree to take up this form of writing. All that is it is not necessary for the writer to be a graduate in journalism as long as s/he can write creatively in a very lucid language giving an impersonal touch to their write-ups that help the potential audience connect with it.

If you can write interesting and engaging content that can attract readers, then you can start a blog on your website and become very successful as a writer.

Feature writing for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

5. Journalistic writing-Unlike feature stories, journalist writing is used to publish news articles. The latter is time-sensitive, deals more with concise facts and stats, focuses on the information to be delivered and is upfront in its style of writing unlike feature content writing. But like feature writing, you need not necessarily have to be a graduate in journalism to take up these forms of content writing jobs.

Journalistic writing for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

6. Business writing– Sales proposal, official emails, summaries, memos etc come under this form of writing. The more well- versed you are with with business analysis and development, the better you will be paid for your content. This is a highly successful field of content writing that can pay off huge sums if you are planning to establish yourself in the corporate world.

Business writing for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

7. Research and report writing-Different industries take to do research in different fields. There are a number of agencies who write very high quality content based on these researches.

A research and report writer must know to handle bulk content, analyse the content of research, know the current trends and study the behavior of it on people, and have the skills to write content on a wide variety of subjects.

Research and report writing as content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

8. Editorial writing-Editorial writing is primarily done for educational institutes. This form of writing involves writing books, keeping the curriculum of the educational institute in mind.

With the opening of the world of ebooks and online content, the work of an editorial writer is not just to write content but also to make sure that the content is constantly updated and in a format that can be supported by the latest operating systems in the market.

Editorial writing for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

9. Technical writing– Content writing that deals with instructions or explanations that is used in fields of robotics, computer hardware and software, aeronautics, chemistry, biotechnology and consumer electronics comes under technical writing. These content writing jobs are usually a bit different from other forms of writing and stipulates some basic technological knowledge to get hired.

Technical writing for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

10. Review Writing-Novels, films, articles and products are all looking for reviews to increase its potential audience. With the emergence of e-commerce and the world of web, writers can get paid to just write reviews assessing a product or a service. A great way to get content writing jobs, ain’t it?

Some of the websites where you can make money by writing reviews is Swagbucks, Sponsored Reviews, InboxDollars, ReviewStreams, Usertesting etc. You can also earn passive income by reviews on your own blog. Affiliate marketing and Google Ad Sense can help you achieve this!

If you are a bookworm like me who likes reading books and want to earn through writing book reviews, Then you can check out my article where I tell you the 10 proven all time hacks to write an amazing book review.

Review writing for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

11. Travel Writing-If you are a wanderlust and love to explore places, then you can travel around the world for free and get paid for writing about your experiences. Going to exotic places for free and getting paid to write about them. Difficult to digest? Well, this is true. Travel writing comes in various forms. They can be articles, blogs, 500-page novels, features and much more. Magazines and websites that pay you for travel writing include ROVA magazine, Metador Network, Wanderlust Magazine, GoNOMAD etc.

Travel writing for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

12. Instructional design– Content writing jobs that aim to deliver instructional products and experiences come under instructional design. Instructional designers improve and create bulk instructional material content. It usually combines the task of technical writing and publication which means that you should know to create storyboards besides writing technical content. With the boom of e-learning in the marketplace, the demand for instructional designers is growing very rapidly.

Instructional design for content writing jobs.
Talking about content writing jobs

13. Social media marketeer– Social media expert writers knows to write content that can help increase the brand’s social network. They are experts in writing content that is interactive and generates user response.

Most firms looking to reach out to a wider audience lack the expertise to execute their visions on social media platforms. A good social media marketeer knows how to work with different social media platforms, writing lengthy posts that are very creative and can draw attention towards the brand being marketed.

Social media writing
Talking about content writing jobs

How do I start a content writing job/freelance writing job /online writing job?

Once you know the kind of writing that you can best deliver, you have to get set to find yourself a job. Given below are some of the proven steps that can land you at some really high paying content writing jobs.

hunting for content writing jobs
Talking about content writing jobs

1.Respond to job board ads– For any noveau freelance writer, responding to job ads is the best bet to get kick started. This will help you gain confidence and provide you work on a consistent basis. And do you know the best thing about pitching to a job board? There is no bidding. You can give your own rates for the job or at times the job will specify the amount they can pay for your content. There are both paid and free job boards that you can use for quality content writing jobs. For pitching to free job boards check out, Blogging pro, Freelance Writing Board and Problogger.

job boards
Talking about content writing jobs

2. Respond on social media platforms-Twitter can be a great place to connect to potential clients that can pay you generously for your work. Simply follow certain freelance writing job boards and, hallelujah for landing on big gigs! But whom to follow? Patience reader! I have all the pieces of cake for you! It is @Jjobs_tweets, @WhoPaysWriters and @WriteJobs.

LikedIn is a great place to get you work. All you have to do is create a linkedin profile, go to their job board and type “writer” in their search bar. A list of jobs will pop-up. You now know what to do, right?

There is a lot of potential for landing on big writing gigs if you know the right facebook groups to join. Reddit is another social media platform where you can find decently paid content writing jobs.

Be active on social media platforms and don’t just keeping posting ‘your content’. You have to engage with people and also those that you feel can be your potential clients.

social media
Talking about content writing jobs

3. Create your website-In our tech-savvy digital era, I am sure you are not missing on this. If you are, then this is the first thing you should consider fixing. Getting yourself a website is the sure-short way to attract clients. It helps you look professional and not just one-of-the- writers-in-the-market desperately looking for some job. Your blogs, referrals and everything about you can be put up here for those who want to hire you. Having a strong writer website can pull your freelance business on the upward ratchet and just double your prospects of earning handsomely. However, if you have just started and are not very sure of your skills, then this can be put to wait for a while.

Talking about content writing jobs

4. Start cold pitching– Cold pitching is when you contact entrepeneurs, startups, small businesses and bloggers as a freelance writer and offer them your services to help them grow their brand or business venture.

Does it sound scary? Don’t worry, it isn’t.

All you have to do is locate their businesses and sent them a proposal. Observe the business you have located and see how your services can help them improve. Maybe their blogs are not updated and they should be. Maybe your creative writing skills can improve their reach to their targeted audience on social media platforms and so on. In your proposal, you have to mention your credentials, how you found them and how your services can help them improve.

cold pitching
Talking about content writing jobs

5. Reach out to friends and family members for work– You can get your first testimonials from your friends and family. When you have started working as a freelance writer, let your friends and family members know that you are up for content writing jobs! You have to always be ready for potential clients in your freelance writing business. Getting yourself a business card will make you look professional and increase your chances to be taken seriously. In fact, this is a must-do if you really want to get to the top brass of your work. Distribute your business card among friends and family members and always be ready to give them a helping hand. If you deliver well, your freelance business will automatically spread through word of mouth.

family and friends
Talking about content writing jobs

6. Build your network with other writers– Networking with other people in the writing business is very crucial and can pay-off really well. Other writers might make you aware of potential opportunities that you might not be aware of. This might get you work as well! Work? By networking with competitors? What? Yes. And no kidding. This works. Join writing communities and see for yourself! Not every writer out there is thinking of snatching work at the first opportunity they get. Established writers who get tons of clients every month don’t mind passing some their jobs to their juniors who can deliver results! So reach out to them and make them aware of your presence in the community.

Talking about content writing jobs

7. Guest post-Guest blogging or guest posting is writing for someone else’s blog to get your own brand exposure, build relationships and grow your authority in your niche. When you guest post, thousands of readers will be reading your content and you never know, one of them could be your potential client! Guest-posting will help you build your portfolio and get you your initial set of quality samples that have been published on other people’s websites.

So where can you do a guest post? Simply “google it”. Type your niche and add “write for us”. The results shown is the answer to your question of where can you guest post. Visit those sites and run through their posting guidelines. Then decide what you want to write on and pitch your post ideas to them. Make sure you draft an appealing author bio before posting your content. Your bio is the copy where you can convince and draw readers to your website. So, make sure it rings like a bell. Do not write one bio and keep copying it everywhere. Write a bio that best suites the place where you are guest-posting. The amount of traffic you can draw from this trick will surprise you, I bet.

There are blogs that pay you for your guest posts as well. You simply have to write your piece, submit it and wait to see if it gets approved. If it does, dance with happy tears. You will get paid in a day or two;)

guest posting
Talking about content writing jobs

8. Ask for a referral– Well, this is for those who already have a client. But if you don’t, just skip this step. If you have been lucky to get a few clients to work for, then you might start considering the idea of asking them for a referral. Using this tactic will get you a lot of extra income. If you are stalled in your freelance business, then you can also approach your previous clients to know if they have someone in mind.

Talking about content writing jobs

9. Join Craigslist, Upwork and other content writing websites-You obviously know that US/European clients will get you more money than 3 Indian ones taken together. Business in swanky cities means big budgets. The logic is that simple. If you think that your skills are impeccable and that you can satisfactorily serve them. Do not waste a second. Go to Upwork and Craigslist and submit your resume as a writer, right away! Some other websites that can give you some high paying freelance writing jobs are Contena, Blasting News, FreelancerCareers, HubPages and WritersWeekly.

Talking about content writing jobs

10. Use the freelance writer directory-Once you have embarked on the journey to be a freelance content writer, your aim is to increase your visibility so that people can find you at all times.

There are freelance directories available that you can check out and fill to help you land on some great content writing jobs. Didn’t know these existed? That’s alright! Just check it out here!

writer directory
Talking about content writing jobs

Wow your clients! Focus on improving your skills. None of the hacks I have mentioned can work if your standards are not up to the mark. And I mean it. Just be true to yourself and the content writing jobs that you are providing. If you can deliver really appreciative content then you don’t have to keep looking for work and other content writing jobs. Your previous clients will come back to you for their other projects. Yield quality content with stats, facts, stories in an extremely easy to read language. Walk the extra mile and give your customers more than what they had anticipated. And if you are sincere, I promise it is all going to work out great!

wow your clients
Talking about content writing jobs

Still not sure if this is the way to go? Are you the mechanical mind that can’t do all this? No worries, we got our old school ways for you! All you have to do is Click Here!

Enjoyed my blog? Have something to ask? Feel free to comment in the comment section below! I would love to hear from you:)


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